From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 11:05:02 MDT

>> Thinking of people in terms of "countries" instead of individuals is
>> part of the problem. I have no respect for patriots; I am a free man
> I am not a patriot. I am an opportunist. My battle is against
> death. Yours is against the govt.

...only to the extent that it promotes death and ignorance. When it
protects my rights to trade and explore, I'm all for it. It does seem
to get in my way an awful lot, though.

> Do you have a special bible for your religion?

Friedman's "Machinery of Freedom" is probably the closest thing in
print. The rest is in my head, and will be written down eventually.
The Extropian principles are in there somewhere. And a few writings
by John Perry Barlow and David Brin are in the mix. I don't really
mind the "religion" label so long as it is understood as a personal
commitment rather than sheepishly following someone else's dogma.
I personally know the process of learning and reason that led to my
beliefs, so I can commit to them with a clear conscience.

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