Re: the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 22:55:36 MDT

>From: "Alex F. Bokov" <>
>To: <>
> > NOTE to Randy: Cut the offensive comments, they make you look worse than
> > you are.
>No, keep it up, Randy. You have no idea how bored I've gotten with
>nobody but liberals to skewer. The few conservatives on this list are
>so low-key and reasonable-sounding I can barely tell them apart from
>libertarians. Variety! I crave variety.

Well, now I AM confused, Alex. Just a few rants ago, you accused me of being
a "pinko communist". How is that a "conservative"?

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>* I believe that the majority of the world's Muslims are good, *
>* honorable people. If you are a Muslim and want to reassure me and *
>* others that you are part of this good, honorable majority, all *
>* you need to say are nine simple words: "I OPPOSE the Wahhabi cult *
>* and its Jihad." *
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