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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 20:17:11 MDT


On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Randy Smith wrote:

> I am not a patriot. I am an opportunist. My battle is against death. Yours
> is against the govt.
> Do you have a special bible for your religion?

Governments are a leading cause of death. Espeically when we get on
the radar of some PC pressure group and they manipulate the machinery
of state against us in the guise of "ethical concerns" about cryonic
suspension. Like they did for cloning. And GM food. And animal

If your one and only goal is survival, then shouldn't you be giving as
many different people as many different reasons to pursue course of
action that will maximize your survival? If you believe we are so easy
to brainwash, then shouldn't you be attempting to hijack our
brainwashing and reprogramming us to be memebots singlemindedly
dedicated to your successful suspension and revival? Even if it means
pretending to be multicultural and libertarian?

Then again, perhaps you are a subtler man than that. Perhaps your
xenophobic trolls are a calculated attempt to jolt us into a direction
more consistant with your goals. I for one noticed that you've
succeeded in distracting me from my Bin Satan monomania long enough
for me to tear myself away from the computer, go shopping, and even do
a little studying, thereby in a small way aiding the cause of life

Comrade Randy-- madman, genius, or both? All I know is, he's more fun
to pick on than Bin Bacon, since the latter never writes back. :-)

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* I believe that the majority of the world's Muslims are good, *
* honorable people. If you are a Muslim and want to reassure me and *
* others that you are part of this good, honorable majority, all *
* you need to say are nine simple words: "I OPPOSE the Wahhabi cult *
* and its Jihad." *

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