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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 20:03:09 MDT


If you want anarchotopia, do three things:

1. Pick a vital service that is currently a government monopoly and
   dream up a way to operate it as a private venture. If you get
   rich doing it, all the better.

2. View regulation and taxation as damage and route around it. Seek
   out the political and logistical environment for your business
   where regulation and taxation are minimized. If they can't tax
   you and can't regulate you, it doesn't matter if they continue
   to exist for other people. They no longer exist to you, and
   that's a good start.

3. Make fun of big ponderous bureaucracies and corpocracies every
   chance you get. Maybe the memes will catch and spread, maybe
   not, but it will sure be therapeutic.

Basically a distillation of a longer list I posted a day or two ago.

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