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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 19:51:18 MDT


Dude, I'll move there and encourage everybody I know to move there. Even
Randy, whether or not he has an MD.

By the way, another feature that would be useful would be automated proxy
voting. You know, where you program your vote-program to automatically vote
the same as, or opposite to, any citizen or citizens of your choosing. :-)

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Colin Hales wrote:

> How about....
> Replaced by pure administration. No central debates. Subcontract everything.
> All voting from home via the internet. Decisions based on individual issues
> and no party dogma. Every voter legally obliged to vote on X issues in any
> one year. Every issue has a discussion site. Nowhere for the lobbyist to go.
> No power broking. Create a 'voting morning' where adults do their voting and
> make it a real cultural event. We have a general manager to be head of the
> administration and a President to be the public face and plant trees etc.
> The politician becomes extinct.
> Having got to here I've realised I've just created "country X, Inc." with a
> board of directors = the public. Well why not? For the first time in history
> it is viable to vote on inidvidual issues in a practical sense.

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