Re: Immigrants (was Re: Mass Media ...)

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 14:33:48 MDT

No , we have been living in a dream world where citizens and foreigners have
the same rights. Most countries don't do that. And we see what it got us.
This may have worked in the 1800's when we needed population. It's not the

Point two, yes, the law must be crafted to protect citizen right. Perhaps
the answer is to have the CIA have police powers for the State department
foreign vias issues. Then foreigners would fall under the CIA even if they
were physically on U.S. soil.


>But wouldn't it be disingeneous of us to oppose national ID for
>ourselves, yet support it for other peoples? It's a slippery slope--
>give the government too much power over foreigners and sooner or later
>it will use the power against its own citizens, directly or

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