COMPUTING: optical interconnects get real

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 11:55:57 MDT

For those of you who attended Extro3 4 years ago will
may remember this slide from my talk:

         Example of a Jupiter Brain Structure
   NanoCPUs with heat radiators powered by solar power
   collectors in Dyson Shell communicating via light channels

For those of you who weren't there, here are a couple of images:
These were of course early stages of the refinement of the
Matrioshka Brain concept.

I deferred to Max's wishes and didn't talk about the evolution of
the ideas at Extro4 which was mostly about aging or Extro5 which
was mostly about "Shaping things to come"... :-( Spike and others
have been kind enough to listen to my rantings offlist... :-)

So unless you have read my papers, you are probably unaware that
during 1998, I became convinced VSCEL lasers were going to play
an important role in connecting the CPUs (nano or not) together in
the not so distant future. Well that insight appears to have
been only ahead of the reality by perhaps 5-6 years (probably
more Signs of the Singlularity).

Witness this slashdot discussion (and refs therein) documenting
the likelyhood of optical interconnects in our computers within
a few years:

If you want a long term investment play on market pull-backs
I'd take a look at the company involved: Primarion (Tempe, AZ).

And /. also just pointed out that Dan Goldin is retiring from NASA.
Replacing him is going to be hard.


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