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From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 11:12:38 MDT

Simple, the same way they do in some countries. On entry to North America
you are given a temporary internal passport. At each airport or mass transit
terminal you swipe your card or go to the local police station to check in.
The only addition is that the card now needs bio identification (iris scan,
finger print etc)given the fact the terrorists used fake ID's. If we could
build NORAD this should be easy. Hungary used to do this with old fashion
crank telephones and ledger books.


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>>Subject: Immigrants (was Re: Mass Media ...)
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>> > >At 12:20 PM 16/10/2001, Randy Smith wrote:
>> > >>...the waves of immigration that now plague this nation
>>So Randy, how do you propose to keep immigrants out of this country?
>>Have the GOVERNMENT tell them they may not exercise their INALIENABLE
>>their feet, which is what they do when they seek to follow the
>>AMERICAN DREAM? I mean, don't you think that everybody smart enough to
>>understand that the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE IS SUPERIOR is automatically
>>on our side? Furthermore, what shall we do about the ones who DON'T
>>LISTEN TO WHAT GOVERNMENTS SAY and cross the imaginary lines
>>GOVERNMENTS call borders? Should the GOVERNMENT collect a TAX AND
>>SPEND it on more border guards? I don't know about you, Randy, but as
>>a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN I believe that the FREE MARKET should take care
>>of the so-called immigration problem, without BIG GOVERNMENT MEDDLING
>>with who a company may and may not hire. Stop being such a COMMIE
>>Btw, Randy, I now live in TEXAS. TEXAS was founded by AMERICANS
>>emigrating to Mexico and then getting all uppity. Maybe you're right,
>>Randy, immigrants are trouble. They move in, they start expecting to
>>participate in the democratic process, they settle into these freaky
>>ethnic neighborhoods and it's really hard to root 'em out once they
>>do. I mean, look what a hard time General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
>>had cleansing my new HOME TOWN, San Antonnio, of their foul foreign
>>stench! All to no avail, because they just came back again, and in
>>greater numbers. Too bad you weren't around back then, Randy, I'm sure
>>you would have been a great help to Santa Anna. YOU MEXICAN COMMUNIST
>Well, well, I have truly struck the motherlode of openminded,
>mold-shattering, cutting edge thinking here on the Extropians list.
>You guys talk about memes and starting new ones, but a very big part of what
>I have seen here is mainly just follow-the-leader. Jeez, Alex, not only are
>you regurgitating propaganda, but 50 year old propaganda.
>I am sad to say that you and many of your list-mates here really don't think
>and analyze on your own, but just follow a program. You think as you are
>told, in large part.
>Oh well, at least this list is *nominally* in favor in immortality, although
>I find it hard to believe that a practical immortalist would espouse
>spending money on a space program....
>You may now resume the tribal chatter, etc....
>Or maybe you would rather stone me in the village square?
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