Re: Anthrax Addendum

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 07:38:52 MDT

>From: "John Clark" <>

>You're right, I found another quote from Mr.Bin Laden and it turns
>out he is far more moderate then I said, he only wants to kill
>half of us:

>"The man is a fighter, whether he carries arms or helps kill us by
>paying taxes and by gathering information. He is a fighter. Our
>enemy, the target -- if God gives Muslims the opportunity to do
>so -- is every American male, whether he is directly fighting us
>or paying taxes."

And of course he's already violated this since both women and
children were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Transcripts released yesterday from the aircraft involved clearly
indicate the terrorists lied to the passengers to get them to
cooperate, which just puts another big black mark in the "Cowards"
column in my book.


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