Re: Mass Media target of Anthrax-terrorism!

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 06:02:29 MDT

>From: Miriam English <>
>Subject: Re: Mass Media target of Anthrax-terrorism!
>Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 15:35:38 +1000
>At 12:20 PM 16/10/2001, Randy Smith wrote:
>>...the waves of immigration that now plague this nation
>It is hard to imagine that anybody could say anything so stupid on this
>list. Randy you are such a jerk -- you wouldn't even be an American if
>there hadn't been any immigration to that continent.

And you wouldn't even own a house if someone hadn't sold you one.
So therefore I may sleep in your house whenever I please--free of charge of

Maybe your mind is in the grip of propaganda?

Maybe you react without thinking?


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