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From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 15:43:49 MDT

"Alex F. Bokov" <>

<<To concretize this, as far as I can tell, Arab media are feeding their
listeners an insane conspiracy theory implicating the Mossad in the
bombings. Hardly an improvement over CNN.>>

Praytell, why is this "insane"?
Fact. Several thousand people died on 911.
Fact. The primary official suspects have repeatedly
   stated that their reason for performing actions
   similar to (but not so drastic as) 9-11 are an
   attempt to prosecute a conflict/war with
   (their words) "Zionists and their supporters".
Fact. The Israeli government has performed
   actions in the past which are consistent with
   treachery towards it's most stalwart ally.
   These include
     1. 1956. The "Lavon Scandal", where
   the Israeli Defense Minister was forced to
   resign after it was revealed that Israeli intelligence
   was plotting to destroy American installations in
   Egypt and blame this on the Arabs.
   2. 1967. The USS Liberty. 34 sailors dead.
   174 wounded.
   3. 1986. The libyan code affair. We killed the
   Libyan president's daughter in our response.
   Further Examples Exist.
Fact. The Israeli government has stated AND demonstrated
time and again that there is absolutely no measure they
will not take if they are (honestly and truly) convinced it
is the only way to preserve the state of Israel.
  Fact. Bin Laden has sworn on the Koran that he didn't
do 9-11.
Opinion. I have no idea whether Mossad or any other
party was the party behind 9-11 (behind in the sense
of mastermind, rather than the triggermen). I have
absolutely no illusions that Mossad or the Israeli
government is incapable of performing such actions
should they feel them to be "neccessary". I am especially
taken with the fact that there is a logical fallacy based
on motivation for the Bin Laden hypothesis.
  Supposition. Bin Laden is a fanatical partisan of Islam.
He performs these many monstrous evil deeds because
of his "faith". This is his presumed motivation for 9-11.
  However. Bin Laden is reported (by the former Pakistani
Minister of Defense, himself a devout Muslim) to have
sworn to his old friend on his Holy Koran that he was not
responsible for 9-11.
  So is he devout enough to blow us up, but apostate enough
to swear before his God that he didn't do it?
  This is not the proper pattern. We should be open to
alternate explanations.
 Opinion. Taliban is evil. Bin Laden is evil. Israel is evil.
(insofar as "evil" is a word with meaning). A plague on
both their houses. Let the Arabs slaughter the Jews,
drill Alaska full of holes, and sell OUR oil to Japan
and Europe and let the Muslim world find it's own way.
  Alex, please feel free to support your offhand characterization
of the Mossad theory as "insane"... but as always..
be prepared to get clubbed with the big stick of truth.
In this case it's a really BIG stick.


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