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From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 14:52:45 MDT

* Mike Lorrey <> [011017 06:14]:
> Alejandro Dubrovsky wrote:
> >
> > This is the second time you have said that you don't care why these people are
> > trying to kill you, but that at the end of the day they just want to kill you.
> > It seems to me that knowing why they are trying to kill you could be rather
> > important since removing that reason might be much easier than stopping them from
> > killing you otherwise.
> That is a possible strategy, but one which limits individual freedom.
> Whatever happened to the non-coersion principle? The threat of death for
> behaving a certain way is certainly coercive, and therefore
> anti-extropian. Given this, the proper extropian way to counter a threat
> of death for extropic behavior is to reciprocate in kind.

Maybe. I must say i'm not an expert in the extropian way, not being one myself
(i just hang out here cos some of the discussions are interesting).
> > Say, eg, they don't like you wearing shorts to dinner on
> > the first saturday of each month, then wearing something else might not be too
> > much trouble, or another eg, they might just want the US military out of Saudi
> > Arabia, then that should be easier than killing all of them too.
> Sure, and once they knew you would cave in on that, they would then say,
> "You have to stop making movies and tv programs which are sinful and
> blasphemous." Then when you cave in to that, they will say, "You have to
> stop making televisions and computers and satellites, for they are an
> affront to Allah." If you cave in on that, they will then say, "All of
> your women have to leave schools and cannot work outside the home, and
> they have to wear burkhas in public and must have chaperones
> everywhere."
You mean there's a mandatory chain of logic from "Get your military forces out
from where i live" to dictating the whereabouts, attire and doings of US women?

> Ah, so much for extropy, lets all just get it over with and become good
> little submissive medeival muslim radicals. So sayeth Alejandro...
People read amazing things in other people's writings. (or "You must forgive me,
english isn't my first language. That is not what i meant")

> > Also, as an aside, you say that they want every American dead, but i haven't
> > heard anything like that from "them" (whoever they may be). Could you give me
> > any pointers?
> Osama bin Laden's fatwa declared all Americans to be justified targets
> of attack by believers, on the rationale that all Americans pay taxes to
> the government which continues to station troops in Saudi Arabia in
> defense of the kingdom.

So i've heard. But this does not imply he wants to kill every american. ("All
of those cars are within my price range" does not imply "I can buy every one of
those cars" or "We are not ruling out any weapon" does not imply "We will use
every nuke on our arsenal to flatten the hills around kabul")

Alejandro Dubrovsky

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