Re: Anthrax addendum

From: John Clark (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 10:26:58 MDT

Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:

>I have seen almost no signs that the US is willing to admit to the abusees
>that have led in part to the atmosphere under which various forms of
>extremism flourish in the Middle East. [...] I also think we are lying in that
>we are not admitting where we contribute to terror directly and indirectly.

Ok let me get this straight, barbarians crash two American airliners into the two
largest American office buildings in the world and the first think Americans should
do is apologies to the poor misunderstood terrorists for forcing them to take such
unpleasant action. That doesn't sound quite right now does it.

>is it the plan to pressure and if necessary attack up to 60 countries looking for this network

One of those 60 countries that contain terrorist cells is the USA and I don't believe
there are many who plan to invade ourselves. There are about a half dozen countries
that are hard core supporters of terrorism and after they see what happened to
Afghanistan I have a hunch they will be far less hard core.

> We could not even defeat the Vietcong

The Vietcong were well supplied from the outside world, that is not the case with
Afghanistan, the supplies they have right now are all they are going to have. Also,
most Americans, myself included, did not understand why the hell we were fighting
in Vietnam, this time the reason we are fighting is as obvious as an elephant at a
ballet to all but a tiny percentage such as yourself.

>I think we are dishonest and/or heartless when we say that the 600,000
>children that have died in Iraq as the result of our bombing and blockades
>are reasonable

Yes, so we hear from Mr. Chomsky and organizations he admires, I would be most
interested to hear of the methodology used to obtain that figure, I'm sure Mr. Chomsky
or any competent scientist would never dream of calculating that number from data
provided by the government of Iraq as they just might not be considered an impartial
observer. But no matter, if Iraq wants the blockade lifted then let back in observers to
make sure they are not making nuclear or biological weapons. If they don't want to do
that then let the UN in to distribute food directly to those who need it. Iraq has flatly
refused both approaches and yet America is the bad guy. Go figure.

> I would be more gratified if we spent as long considering the implications and
>dangerous of these new laws and the cost-benefit ratio of them as we spent
>pouring over the sex life of Clinton.

And while your committee agonizing over the cost-benefit ratio, the environmental
impact statement, and the minority hiring policy of the committee, a case of Smallpox
has broken out, airliners are crashing into the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower,
and nuclear reactors.

            John K Clark

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