Re: Posthuman Politics

From: Dan Clemmensen (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 05:13:23 MDT wrote:

> Dan Clemmensen writes:
>>We are a fairly quantitative bunch of people, so I think we
>>stratify primarily by projected date of the event. I'm still
>>on track for 2006, Elizier appears to think 2008, and most
>>of the "mainstream" projections are in the 2020-2050 range. I
>>get the sense that newer "mainstream" projections are closer,
>>in the 2015-2020 range.
> I wonder if there is a correlation between your own age and the number
> of years you expect until some kind of singularity. Maybe young people
> expect greater rates of change than people who have been adults for
> many decades.
> Hal

Perhaps, but as you can tell from the deleted part of the post you
quoted, I'm not a younger guy. I'm 52, with a daughter in college.
Perhaps some of us old guys are unconsciously biased toward a
near-term singularity because we want to live to see it? Not
me, of course. I'd never be biased :-)

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