IT Business Expo in a major American city

From: John Grigg (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 20:37:16 MDT

Tomorrow and Wednesday the 8th Annual Information Technology & Business Expo of Alaska will be going on in downtown Anchorage! I can't wait! Very cool, though not on par with an Extro.

So, if any of you are passing through then(yeah right!), come on by. California's best expo's have nothing on us! lol I can think of perhaps one person reading this(besides me), who just might be there.

Bringing broadband communication to rural Alaska will be a key topic of the conference. Right up Harvey Newstrom's alley will be extensive talks about improving network security. There will even be a fashion show! I wonder if the models dig computer guys??

Anyway, it will be a new experience for me, which is very "old hat" to so many of you.

best wishes,


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