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Subject: RE: Monitoring people (was Re: Meritocracies and freedom of information)
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:34:29 +0800

> Why? We would still get cold. Did you mean we would have zero
> privacy? Im already over that.

I don't mean to have my statements construed as supporting privacy. I wish to make the point that such changes to open up full
information flow may require a very significant lifestyle change, and so much that we might have our cultural notions turned upside
down and might need to set up a new variety of society to function. Not wearing clothes (for the purpose of concealment) would
surely qualify as one of such possible changes.

> At some time future we reach the point where anyone can slay
> everyone. At that time, I do not expect anyone would be banging
> the right to privacy drum. As that day approaches, how do we
> decide how much privacy should be ensured? spike

I vote for the Global Mind Link and full disclosure. Meanwhile, we have to consider those unwilling to take part in such an
experience, and perhaps setting up a new colony where we can live without worrying about terrorists and other anti-progressive
behavior would provide the best solution.


Subject: Fwd: Confronting the Mob
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:18:51 +0800

The world just got more dangerous recently. Time to prepare to evacuate from Planet Earth.


Confronting the Mob
Muslim leaders must now side with Bush or bin Laden. For most, it’s a dangerous choice

Oct. 22 issue — In the Nasser neighborhood of the Gaza Strip, a few dozen men sit on white plastic chairs and sip bitter coffee at
a wake for 13-year-old Abdullah al-Ifranji. The boy had been struck in the head by a policeman’s bullet. Two days earlier, shortly
after leaving his school across from the Islamic University, he walked into the middle of a violent demonstration. Handwritten
condolences from Hamas, the radical Islamic group, hang on every wall of the house.

If not, many Arab officials privately say, this could be the eve of destruction for the old order in the Middle East. The very
regimes that Washington is depending on as allies in the war on terror—from Saudi Arabia to Egypt—could be toppled. And that’s just
what Osama bin Laden wants. While most demonstrations remained fairly small last week, pessimists fear a violent Islamic backlash
that begins with street protests and pictures of bin Laden, and ends in a Taliban- or Iranian-style revolution. At a rally inside
Cairo’s Al-Azhar mosque, people held the Quran in the air and raised banners declaring JIHAD IS THE SOLUTION.

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