Re: Posthuman Politics

From: Steve Nichols (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 17:15:14 MDT

> Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 07:17:01 -0400
> From: Dan Clemmensen <>
> Subject: Re: Posthuman Politics

> on track for 2006, Elizier appears to think 2008, and most
> of the "mainstream" projections are in the 2020-2050 range. I
> get the sense that newer "mainstream" projections are closer,
> in the 2015-2020 range.

I find the whole Singularity debate on a par with the
milleniumists and Y2K thing, except it is more of a moveable
feast so true believers have more squirming room when it fails
to happen.

Technology itself has taken a mega-knock when the world's
most technologically advanced nation is bashed by a few men
armed just with penknifes.

My "brand" of post-human philosophy has always stressed
the priority of the mental over the material .... the world is
located in experience more than the other way about. Evolution
is primarily about survival ..... if we can make things better then
great, but the bottom line is not to endanger our collective and
individual existence. Delusional systems from the archaic past
are a direct threat to inhabitants of this planet, and technology
by itself will not eradicate supernaturalist spouting money-spinning
institutions such as the Vatican, Mormons, Baptists, Islam &c.


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