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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 13:37:41 MDT

>From: Samantha Atkins <>

>Then tell me exactly why we are talking about an indeterminate
>war against an unknown number of targets in an unknown number of
>countries. Such a war should be shouted down immediately. But
>it isn't. Why? As bad as 911 was such a response is overboard
>and overly broad.

Al Queda is a worldwide network of terrorist organizations,
operating out of over 60 countries at last count. We will need to
dismantle the entire network.

I think we are on completely the right track at the moment.

>Laugh if you want to but it is a much more complicated world
>than blase assumptions that we are the good guys and those are
>the "evil ones" would lead you to believe.

I agree completely that the world is much more complicated than any
blase assumption. For example the terrorist organization known as
Al Queda is much more sophisticated than you give them credit for.

>We do not know there is any terrorism plot behind the anthrax
>scare according to experts. Nor do we have evidence saying it
>is done by any particular group that is more than extremely
>flimsy. That the Taliban are nasty folks does not say they are
>responsible for all ills nor that an endless campaign that goes
>substantially beyond Afghanistan is in the least justified. Not
>to mention the eviscerating of our own civil liberties.

I agree that we do not know enough about the anthrax episode to
draw any conclusions yet, at least publicly.

I have already explained the need for worldwide anti-terrorist

I'm gratified to see that some of the new emergency laws being
passed have sunset provisions.


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