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Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 06:30:18 MDT


Good one. One thing I can think of is them converging on a major city
and causing a flaming pileup on every major highway going into it
during morning rush hour.

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Randy Smith wrote:

> "State officials say that a former employee of Careers in Trucking in
> Henderson, Colo., has given the Denver FBI office a promising lead,"
> according to TIME: "25 to 35 Arab men attended the school in small groups
> over the past two years, the ex-employee says. Each student paid $3,400 in
> cash for the 15-day programóand none sought job placement afterward. Because
> none of the students spoke English, they were accompanied by an interpreter,
> the same person for each group.
> Arab students received a driverís license, sources say. (Itís not clear how
> they passed the written test, which is in English.) Owner Charlie Tweedy
> says FBI agents have examined his files and interviewed his employees. But
> he denied that his company had taught non-English speakers."

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