Re: Posthuman Politics

From: Dan Clemmensen (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 05:17:01 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:

> ... various schools of thought on the singularity with respect to the
> expected time frames. I know we already have terminology such
> as hard take-off, gradual, The Spike, etc. In fact I think there is
> a website that has all of that. {Where?} Is there a term for those
> who make no plans more than 8 or 10 years hence? Those like
> myself who expect about 50 more years before a hard takeoff
> singularity? spike
We are a fairly quantitative bunch of people, so I think we

stratify primarily by projected date of the event. I'm still
on track for 2006, Elizier appears to think 2008, and most
of the "mainstream" projections are in the 2020-2050 range. I
get the sense that newer "mainstream" projections are closer,
in the 2015-2020 range.

Terminology: my projection is so extreme that I've called
myself a "radical singulatarian." However, you appear to be
trying define a terminology for the extent to which a person's
lifestyle and life choices are affected by a projection. In
my case, my wife and I are still saving for retirement in
2015 or so, and for our youngest daughter's college education,
which starts in 2008. Why? well, why not? my projection
might be wrong, and if the singularity does occur, today's
money is a meangless concept.

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