Re: anti-net

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 11:16:17 MDT

"J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> From: "Harvey Newstrom" <>
> > To be honest, it's a big mystery why this hasn't happened. So many
> > political and extremist groups have used worms to attack the net that such
> > events are conspicuously absent right now. The only theory that makes sense
> > to me is that such small fry fear being associated with the big terrorists
> > and they are all lying low right now.
> I think your theory coincides with reality, and in addition, net users are
> more savvy than ever, using firewalls, anti-virus software, patching programs
> with updates, and most important: staying away from attachments -- such as the
> wicked recent one called "FW: Peace between America and Islam"

Similarly, some are joining in on the war on terrorism in their own
anarchical ways. The Dispatchers, for instance, who are responsible for
the Code Red II and Nimda worm attacks of this summer, have openly
declared war on the Taliban and al Qaeda, among other terror groups.
Initially, though, they demonstrated their ignorance by attacking
websites run by the Northern Alliance (who hold the UN seat of
Afghanistan, not the Taliban).

While internet warfare might be effective against al Qaeda in its
operations, it is hardly of any concern to the Taliban, who operate no
internet servers that are publicly known, so they could hardly feel any
damage by direct attacks. Indirect work, like the impediment of
financial transfers to and from Taliban supporters, might be a useful

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