RE: BOOKS: Cyborg Citizen & Resisting the Virtual Live

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 18:06:21 MDT

> Interestingly enough a search on "posthuman" turns up
> 7 nonfiction titles and 5 science titles. Kind of
> surprises me.
> Robert

Too many?
Too few?
Ratio wrong?

Post humanism probably hasn't made it into general awarenes yet. I try to
image a posthuman issue of WHO magazine. Somehow doesn't quite gel yet. It
probably needs a public face like a Carl Sagan who can show them some 'wow'
factor. Unfortunately finding a 'wow' factor may be a little tricky when you
need something like the cosmos to get attention. I'm not sure the 'wow'
factor would look any different to sci-fi what-if scenarios to the general

Personally I'm pretty sure we're in for an major us/them haves/havenots
problem when enhanced humans start appearing. It'll need some fancy and
really gentle spin doctoring to manage it. Posthumanism would be a great
study area in academic philosphy. It's going to happen and somebody needs to
think about the ramifications. It seems like not much of that is happening
to me.


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