RE: TECH- Quantum Head Job -Subspace Communicator challenge defined.

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 22:10:55 MDT

After all the neural wear and tear applied thus far I define the challenge
to make use of entanglement in communications as follows:

To transfer information from one site (A)to another (B) without having to
send a reference document at light speed to decode the receiver end.
1) Assume an supply of entangled particles of any quantity. (Lets say
electrons or some plasma of some sort)
2) Provide any amount of pre-defined knowledge about subsequent use of the
entangled particles.
3) Separate the entangled particles into any number of matched/complementary
4) Transport sets to an arbitrary spatial configuration (including the sites
A and B at an arbitrary distance apart) in good-old Einstienian 4Dspace-time
of course!
5) Combine the entanglements in any way pre or post transport
6) Consume the entanglements in any way pre or post transport
7) Make use of/assume any spatial/temporal measurement systems at both ends
8) sacrifice non-infinite amounts of energy/mass/time

I hear you ask, "what do we do *after* breakfast?" it again only better!

*off to what-if for a while*

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