Anthrax and Ionisers ?

Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 15:34:48 MDT

       I have long known about the use of Ionisers for anti-bacterial use but
have resently read some conflicting information about them. (wont go into
       I was under the impression that a negative Ion generating Ioniser will
kill bacteria and some or most viruses. Also that bacteria cannot grow in the
presence of negative Ions.
       The question is:
       Will an Ioniser kill Anthrax spores ?
       Will breathing Ionised air prevent inhaled spores changing and
producing toxins in the lungs ?.

       If the answer to the first isYes to the first then it would provide a
usefull tool for the 'disinfection' of effected areas where spores may be
dormant, without using a scorched earth approach. It would also give us a
preventative tool if used in areas of possible spore release.
       I realise that the second is at most a long shot, but I think it could
have legs.
Obviously if the answer to both is no then, hey what the hell, at least the
grey matter is trying to find solutions to a very big problem. Does anyone
know of research into Ionisers and antibacterial effectiveness ?


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