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> "Donkeys," said Nasrudin.

Nice story... it reminds me of the story of Nasruddin's secret.
A disciple came to Mulla Nasuddin and asked the Mulla, "I've heard that you
have the secret, the ultimate secret... the key which can open all the doors
of mystery.
Nasruddin said, "Yes, I've got it. But what about it? Why are you asking about
The man fell to his feet and said, "I was in search of you, Master. If you
have the key and the secret, tell it to me."
Nasruddin said, "If it is such a secret, you must understand that it cannot be
told so easily. You will have to wait."
The disciple asked, "How long?" Nasruddin said, "That is not certain. It
depends on your patience. It could take three years or thirty years."
The disciple waited. After three years he asked again. Nasruddin said, "If you
ask again, then it will take thirty years. Just wait. It is not an ordinary
thing. It is the ultimate secret."
Thirty years passed and the disciple said, "Master, now my whole life is
wasted. I have not got anything. Now, give me the secret."
Nasruddin said, "There is a condition: You will have to promise me that you
will keep it a secret, and you will not tell anyone."
The man said, "I promise you that it will remain a secret until I die. I will
not mention it to anyone."
Nasruddin said, "Thank you. This is the promise that I made to my Master. And
if you can keep it a secret until death, what do you think? Cannot I keep it a

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