Re: TECH: Quantum Head Job

From: scerir (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 01:44:05 MDT

> > Therefore, a random pattern of observations would mean the
> > other end isn't being observed, and a non-random pattern means the other
> > end is under constant observation (i.e. its state is being maintained).

> This is a gorgeous scheme, but doesn't a single observation - on either
> end - destroy the entanglement?

Using very frequent measurements (Quantum Zeno Effect)
the correlation could be maintained.

Lucien Hardy
wrote (also) these papers. I don't know if he is
suggesting something like that.

Quantum communication using a nonlocal Zeno effect
Hardy L., van Dam W.
 PHYS REV A 59: (4) 2635-2640 APR 1999

Spooky action at a distance in quantum mechanics
Hardy Lucien
CONTEMP PHYS 39: (6) 419-429 NOV-DEC 1998

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