Re: TECH: Quantum Head Job

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 22:18:02 MDT

 Mike Lorrey <> Wrote:

> Well, lets take a sample, where we have two BECs that are separated from
> each other (they were once the same BEC). Normally, at any given moment,
> you have a 50-50 odds on its spin being in one state, however when you
> observe it, it remains in the state you observed for the period of time
> it is being observed.
> So I am trying to send you a '1' bit as opposed to an '0' bit. When you
> are listening, you are observing every few planck time units, while I am
> observing constantly. You record a pattern of UUUUUUUUUU in your
> observations,

I still don't understand you, if you want 10 numbers in a sequence you
will need 10 entangles particles. You say I am the "receiver", I look in my box
and measure spin up, all that tell me is that the spin of the "transmitter"
particle must be spin down, no information has been communicated and
I have no way of knowing if you measured your particle or not . Actually it
is often ambiguous what is the transmitter and what is the receiver.
The point is that the spin on my particle is not going to change unless a
local external force of some sort interferes, and then the two particles
would no longer be entangled.

           John K Clark

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