Re: TECH: Quantum Head Job

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 08:58:20 MDT

Adrian Tymes <> Wrote:

> Like I said, moment to moment. If change from last moment, then bit
> sent. If no such change, then no bit sent.

Like I said that won't work. Alice tries to transmit a message, she has an
entangled particle in her transmitter but she has NO WAY of forcing it to
be spin up or spin down, it's random. She makes a measurement and
determines that it's spin down , only now does she know that the particle
in the receiver a billion light years away must be spin up, but that sends
no information to her partner Bob a billion light years away because neither
knew that before they parted and were in communication so no code
could be set up. All Bob knows is that he looked at the particle in his receiver
and saw that it was spin up, but that tells him nothing, there was a 50% chance
of that happening anyway. A change has been instantly made to a system far
away but there is no way to make use of that fact to send Morse code because
the sender has no way of sending a dot with 100% probability or a dash with 100%
probability as with a telegraph, instead there is a 50% probability of sending a dot
and a 50% for a dash. In other words, all the receiver will get is noise.

            John K Clark

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