Re: ROBOT: UAVs , and Finding Bin Laden

From: jeff davis (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 17:53:21 MDT

--- "J. R. Molloy" <> wrote:
> Spies in sky guide strikes
> Unmanned planes inform without risk
> Small robotic aircraft may help the U.S. military to
> identify targets and
> assess damage in the Afghan war.

Go to

and click on the link entitled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Endurance, Payload Weight, and Altitude Capabilities;

Which is

Download the PDF version for a clearer look.

I seriously want to see cheap--really
cheap--"throwaway" versions of the lightweight,
short-range models, manufactured in large numbers, and
equipped with essentially an M-16. The goal would be
to, as appropriate, replace the current standard in
infantry tactics.

Imagine 20(50?) of these, as an integral part of an
infantry unit, swarming ahead of the grunts, and
taking up most of the load. Their operators could move
with the infantry, but be located, say, one click to
the rear. Less viable in the jungle, or against those
with the technical capabilities to mount appropriate
countermeasures, but in rough terrain--like the
mountains of Afghanistan--it would seem perfect.
There have already been successful tests of a hellfire
anti-tank missile mounted on a Predator vehicle.

Best, Jeff Davis


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