RE: Is it terrorism?

From: Clint O'Dell (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 03:35:21 MDT

Joe Dees wrote:
>>This attack IS about holding people for ransom - us, the American people. The reason that there was no warning before the attack is that Bin Ladin wanted to show us he was serious - kinda like hijacking a plane, killing a hostage, throwing his/her dead body on the tarmac, and THEN issuing demands.<<

Ah. I must have missed the news segment when Bin Laden actually made his demands. My guess is they were get US troops out of the middle east (which they were already, weren't they?) and stop providing money & military supplies to secular Egypt. If I were a religious fanatic those would be my terms anyway. I didn't hear that though. Instead I heard Bin Laden giving a speech that every Muslim should attack America. lol. The guy is an angry fruit cake, I'll give you that.

So this whole problem started when a bunch of people wanted to turn Egypt into an Islamic State. Is that correct? These guys are angry because they were jailed for protesting and not allowed to turn the whole Middle East into another Pakistan. Does that about sum it up?

Here's my point. The people more than likely don't care about America meeting any demands. They don't have any and it shows from their angry faces. These people feel powerless so they do things to make it seem as if they have power. They apparently "defeated" Russia and managed to murder the Pharos in front of his own army a decade ago, so they went on a power trip to make themselves feel good. So they really don't have any demands. Their "acts of terror" actually doesn't serve a purpose at all.

I think the reason the US wasn't able to stop the attack was because they wouldn't assassinate the rebel leaders the first time they bombed a building decades ago. And the reason they wouldn't do that is probably because the US was paying them to maintain peace, or perhaps worse, to fight "atheist-communist" Russia. The conservative party really fucked up and that is actually the cause of this whole mess.

Clint O'Dell

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