This War Is Not About Terror, But About Islam (Article)

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 01:34:44 MDT

Robert J. Bradbury:

(keeping the subject line to follow the tangent)

>I believe those differences to be significant. However "experiential"
>belief must deal with "consentual" belief (presumably the scientific
>reality). In the face of significant evidence to the contrary -- I am
>going to trust that my senses may have experienced a misperception
>rather than go against commonly accepted scientific principles. I will
>none-the-less place those scientific principles on trial for
>examination with regard to their validity. That I believe is the
>Extropic path. If what one has experienced is in conflict with the
>generally accepted reality then one should place the whole body of
>evidence on trial.

I infinitely prefer the 'Amara Graps path' to someone else's path...
dunno why, but it seems to suit me somehow.

I suspect that you, Robert, prefer the 'Robert Bradbury path' over
someone else's path too.



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