TECH: Quantum Head Job

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 19:39:04 MDT

Folks....This really gets my atoms whizzing....

together with
Bose Einstein Condensate on a chip....(ref recent thread)
you have.............

I looked at the Quantum entanglement rig and saw a communications device. To
modulate the carrier: Fire BEC particle laser at said entangled gas at one
end. Demodulate other end by (someone fill in gaps here?). Bandwidth -
possibly gigantic. Cross-Feed/Modulation disortion - Possibly Zero .

Minor details(!) like entanglement lifetime aside, a factory creates paired
sets of entangled matter, which are then transported to remote sites on
their bound state. You could put a web site on Mars and it would act like it
was in the next room.

Way out there: miniaturise the whole shbang and inplant in brain with
neural/electronics interface and we have telepathy, do we not? Extropian
style evolutionary pressure++, I'd have thought.

Am I see ghosts here? I'd really like to brainstorm this further.

*pat pending*
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