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Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 04:21:55 MDT

I thought this be of interest to some Extropians:


The weekly Email research digest SCIENCEWEEK is offering a
limited number of free personal subscriptions to students.To obtain a
free subscription, send a letter with your name, Email address, and a
copy of your valid student ID to the following address:

Student Subscriptions
3023 N. Clark Street #109
Chicago, IL 60657

Published weekly by Email since May 1, 1997, SCIENCEWEEK is
unique, completely electronic, and completely online. The
research reports cover all areas of science and are written so
that specialists in one field can understand the news of other
fields. The technical level is high, but many reports contain
explicating text, glossaries, and related background material.
SCIENCEWEEK is already availbable via site license at a number of
university and research installation libraries, so please check your
library before requesting a free student subscription.

Further information about SCIENCEWEEK can be found at:

Claire Haller
Managing Editor

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