Re: Democracy held hostage

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 00:10:45 MDT

>From: Samantha Atkins <>

>Zero Powers wrote:

> > Yeah, sure. It also goes without saying that such "observer effects"
> > no practical influence unless the observation is of some phenomena
> > place at quantum levels. So, outside the realm of particle physics,
> > is a pretty darn objective proposition.
>Science may be. But the world of people isn't. You get
>entanlgements of observed and observer galore. Curious.

Yup. I suppose you could say that's a main difference between science and


"I'm a seeker too. But my dreams aren't like yours. I can't help thinking
that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man.
Has to be." -- George Taylor _Planet of the Apes_ (1968)

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