Anthrax and God

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:12:38 MDT

Smigrodzki, Rafal Wrote:

>Actually, I don't think that terrorists of the current crop would be a
>likely source of such a threat - after all, if a clandestine lab in a
>Third World country develops such a biowepon, and deploys it by
>sending a "suicide sneezer" to infect everybody he comes in contact
>with, the first jet flying back from the target country will bring the
>disease back with a vengeance.

That would be true for smallpox but not anthrax, it's not contagious.
Besides you're thinking morally and logically and that won't do at all
if you want to figure out a man like Bin Laden. God told him to kill
Americans, all Americans, he's already shown in the embassy bombings
in Africa that he doesn't mind killing 10 Muslims for every American, they
get to go to heaven anyway and have sex with 72 beautiful virgins, the men
that is. The women killed, like all women, are of no importance. The
Americans all go to the everlasting fires of hell of course, praise be to God.

             John K Clark

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