Re: META: List Focus

Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 11:37:23 MDT

From: Trask, Robert E

>>I like Mark's suggestion for rating posts, but beside the
>>thread-handling problem there are also issues of people just
>>responding without changing the value and similar minor details.
>>Robert has some good points about the general problems with high
>>volume forums, and I think it is worth considering if we could
>>improve the list by some extra lists.

>Too many complications. Frankly, I like the extropian viewpoint on things not necessarily extropian. And just asking for focus will probably do the trick. Sometimes we forget. We're smart, we just need reminding now and again.<

If we had cameras, we could rate how each other looks. Better not to rate, don't you think?

Compulsive over-posters just need a mental tweaking to remind them that not everyone wants to see their names 8 - 15 times a day, but would prefer to enjoy them email appearances in quality, not quantity.

Natasha Vita-More

Extropy Institute
Council of Advisors

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