RE: META: List Focus

From: Reason (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 16:09:51 MDT

---> Robert J. Bradbury

> I typically browse the Javien archives now for useful stuff but
> consider that rather noisy as well. What is needed is something
> that combines the best features of Slashdot, the Javien forum
> and mailing lists.
> The Slashdot approach is good for the reasons that (a) You can get
> headline trailers from it; (b) messages get moderated up or down;
> (c) it has catagories that you can subscribe to or ignore. The
> Javien forum is very good from the perspective of displaying the
> conversation flow in a visual manner, but I can't seem to make
> the review/rate functions work (and even if they did, I doubt
> enough people are currently using the Javien Forum to make it
> as useful as the Slashdot moderation functions are.

I would note that a transdot does exist,

It needs more patronage, traffic, etc, etc. You are right about the absence
of e-mail support in slashcode. I do view that as a problem myself, which is
one of the reasons why I didn't chose slashcode to run the Longevity Meme
(, even though I'm doing some slashcode-like

Beyond that, I agree with the Robert's post. This long ago passed into the
realm of junk/social list. I know of the existance of a number of others for
different communities, and they do serve as a useful community-binding
mechanism, but those who get things done tend to use other lists.

I would suggest that the immediate solution -- rather than to go and build
something new -- is:

1) to make everyone more aware of transdot (URL above). Use it and it will
become a resource and benefit you.

2) to create new sublists for interests (NOT geographical areas) within
extropianism. These will be lower traffic by their very nature. One of the
sublists should be an -announce list that will crosspost to all sublists and
the main list. All sublists should automatically append headers with
[LIST_NAME] -- this helps automatic mail filters a great deal.

I have found 2) to work very well in other online commmunities. The main
list is still there serving its purpose, but low traffic interest sublists
are there for people who want that.

If it's got to the point where the traffic is chasing people away, we need
to do this.


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