Re: Chomsky (was: Christopher Hitchens' Column)

From: John Clark (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 11:20:02 MDT

Miriam English <> Wrote:

> Are you really angry with him because he is indignant not only about the
> slaughter of the people in the WTC but also other people too?

Yes. The factory in Sudan was blown up late at night to minimize casualties.
It was blown up because it was believed to be manufacturing biological weapons.
Now it is possible they were wrong about that, perhaps the murderous power
hungry thugs who run Sudan decided to build a baby food factory instead,
perhaps they decided to ring the baby food factory with barbed wire, security
check points, and anti aircraft guns just for the hell of it. But to put the blowing
up of this place in even the same ethical universe as crashing two civilian
airliners into the World Trade Center is yet another example of poor
Mr.Chomsky's moral tone deafness handicap.

By the way, if Churchill had decided that he would take no action if there was a
chance, any chance at all, of a single innocent person being hurt we would all be
saluting a swastika today

>how can you describe him as "consumed by hate"???

You are not playing straight with me, your mock surprise does not ring true.
I do not believe anybody is surprised that some think Chomsky is not a very
nice man. I do not believe anybody can read:
  "This has nothing to do even with revenge. It is at a far lower moral level even
   than that"
realize that he is NOT referring to the attack on September 11 but to the muted
response of the civilized word SINCE then to protect themselves from more
murders by barbarians, and not conclude that hate has distorted poor
Mr. Chomsky's logical thought process.

        John K Clark

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