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Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 04:16:17 MDT

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>Miriam English <>
> >He has questioned why one massacre is splashed all over the news and why
> >another perpetrated by "friends" of US is all but ignored,
>"Splashed". That's exactly what I object to, the evil cooperate controlled (some screed
>writers prefer "Jewish controlled") news media "splashed" us with news of the Khmer
>Rouge's killing fields and the WTC horror. If you want to talk about other atrocities that you
>think are not as well known as they should be that fine, it's admirable even, but Chomsky
>does it by trying to imply that these well known things are all overblown, and he does it just
>hours after the incident when the agony is fresh the fires are still burning and people are still
>screaming . That's why I think the man is morally tone deaf and that's why I think it would make
>even Mother Theresa want to punch the crap out of the pompous self righteous little twerp.
>By the way, I just heard the USA has decided to spend 320 million dollars on food for
>the Afghanistan people, I can guarantee you Chomsky will use all sorts of convoluted
>"logic" to show it's part of an evil plot to somehow increase the profits of diabolical
>corporations; of course if the USA had not done it he'd be complaining that they hadn't
>spent 320 million dollars on food for the Afghanistan people.
Doncha get it? Like Baudrillard, Chomsky's in it for the money, and like Baudrillard, he'll pander to the little extremist subsection he bleeds until the cows come home and lay down and die.
> John K Clark

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