Re: Democracy held hostage

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 04:17:01 MDT

Jacques Du Pasquier wrote:
> > Well, it seems to suggest a simplification of the issue. Start reading
> > at to maybe gain
> > some understanding of the complexities affecting islamic society.
> I would advise people to read this and some of the linked articles.
> It will make more sense than discussing whether or not the US has
> committed injustice here and there, and thinking that this is the Real
> Problem We Face Now. It's not. Some of you are really confusing your
> moral concerns with their concerns.

If the fact that we ourselves or rather our CIA practices real
terrorism supposedly in our interest but who knows since almost
all of it is hidden, does not concern all of us morally, then I
don't know what in the hell would. The point is not some
wimpish caring about morality when we should be ripping and
snorting to kill enemies (whoever the hell they are). It is
concern that we are ignoring a large part of how we got here and
what it would take to really have different outcomes. What
this or that extremist group offers as its own rhetoric does not
change the fundamental fact that the situation is much much more
complex than just a bunch of crazed fanatics wanting to destroy
us from blind dogma and nothing else. There are people like
that in the world but they cannot gather all that much support,
aid and followers unless there are other significant factors at
work. We ignore them at our peril and the peril of this world.

> Which doesn't mean, as Samantha stressed, that we shouldn't pay the
> utmost attention to behave morally and in such a way that favours the
> establishment of an order respectful and favourable to everyone. In this
> "war" and in any other context.

Any war against terrorism must include the terrorism our own
people have practiced, practice now and will continue to
practice unless we recognize it and neutralize it. Otherwise we
are simply being lying hypocrites.

- samantha

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