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Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 00:43:39 MDT

At 02:21 PM 06/10/2001, John Clark wrote:
>Miriam English <> Wrote:
> >I wonder what it is about Chomsky that they hate so much.
>Your child was hit and killed by a car 5 minutes ago, you watched the
>entire thing, you seem a bit down for some reason, I walk up to you and
>say " you're a fool, the death of you child is no big thing in the grand
>scheme of things, you're a hypocrite too because much worse things have
>happened, just last week in the Ugabuga province of the People's Islamic
>Republic of Hellholeastan a thousand strangers were murdered in a place
>you never heard of and I didn't see you start blubbering about it that
>like you are now, don't make such a big deal about it, it's only a kid ".
>Question #1: Doyou think the idea of punching the shit out of me would
>enter your head, at least for an instant?
>Question #2: Are you surprised a man that is consumed with hate like Chomsky
>is hated in return?

Read what he says more carefully and you will see he says nothing even
remotely like that. Anyone who said anything so dumb should not be
surprised at animosity. But he doesn't say that.

Here is a small bit of what he does say:
    Hitchens is outraged that I compared this atrocity
    [the bombing of Sudan] to what I called "the wickedness
   and awesome cruelty" of the terrorist attacks of September 11

Are you really angry with him because he is indignant not only about the
slaughter of the people in the WTC but also other people too? That he is
trying to see the wider problem? At no point does he belittle the tragedy
of the WTC event. And how can you describe him as "consumed by hate"???
Your words are quite irrationally seething with hatefulness which somehow
you seek to reflect onto him.

I just don't understand this... and it makes me a bit sad.

Noam Chomsky is not a saint but he certainly isn't the nasty piece of work
you and some others here seem hell-bent on painting him as. If he cops this
all the time then I can see why he is a bit more pessimistic about people
than I like to be.

The only explanation I can see for this kind of rabid hatred of the man is
that the character assassination done by some of the media a while back
worked better than I would have thought possible.

Bummer. :-(

         - Miriam

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