Re: Death of Democracy

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 13:24:03 MDT

quoeth miriam
<Most people are happy to put up with a lot
of inequity in order to make the system work>

As much as I love all y'all socialists ;0
I'd like to suggest you amend this statement
in accordance with the sort of results that
empathic statism generally brings.

The statement should be
<Most of the people [who's opinion's
aren't disqualified by being people who are
evil/hate-ridden/greedy/selfish] are happy
to put up with a lot of inequity [especially
in the lives of others] in order to make the
system [appear to] work>.

The system doesn't *work*. It just parasitizes.
The less it parasitizes, the healthier we all are.
 To even attempt making the system work
requires coercion, because there will ALWAYS
be people who find your politics (or my politics or
ANBODY'S politics) repellant. Just because you
think something is a neat and happy shiny caring
idea is not sufficent justification for Big Brother to
get in on a crusade. That's the real problem with
private production of anything resembling a
replacement for government, isn't it? If you had
to make your notions of utopia work without the
"power that comes from a barrel of a gun" and
force monopolies that back up the taxation system...
well you might not get as far. (Don't take that the wrong
way...we ALL have Utopian notions :)
  Remember...ultimately the best thing to do to others
is to leave them alone..and vote for people who will do
the same.

just my 3cents.

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