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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 10:43:16 MDT

From: "Mike Lorrey" <>
> Does anybody know if there are different types of motion sickness? For
> example, I still get uncomfortable if I read for long periods while in a
> moving vehicle, but I've been at sea in small and large boats in very
> rough seas (so much that I was seriously banged around) without any
> nausea or discomfort whatsoever.

I think motion sickness happens because of a disconnect between what the eyes
see and what the inner ear registers. So you'd get sick while reading in a
boat as well as in another type of moving vehicle. But in the boats you
probably were able to continually view the horizon, thus re-calibrating inner
ear to visual input. This also explains why drivers/pilots/captains are less
likely than passengers to get motion sickness: steering centers eyes on

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