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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 10:34:48 MDT

From: "Spike Jones" <>
> Nowthen, if I am ready to go down to the local sporting
> goods store to look at hunting rifles specifically to help this
> young man meet his houris, what would you recommend?
> Thirty aught six semiauto? spike

You can't get one at the local sporting goods store,
but here's just the item you're looking for:

New Gun Fires 'Laser of Lead',1282,46570,00.html
SYDNEY, Australia -- It may not be ready for George Bush's "first war of the
21st century." But it may well be ready if there's a second.
In perhaps the most audacious upgrade of high-speed weaponry since the
introduction of the Gatling Gun, Australian inventor Mike O'Dwyer has
developed a machine gun that can fire bullets at a rate of 1 million rounds
per minute.

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