Re: So far so good

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 09:55:36 MDT

jeff davis <> wrote:

> Extropes,
> Military Planning Food Drops in Afghanistan
> So far so good. Dare I hope that they'll get it right
> this time?

I heard that they may bomb Afghanistan air defenses first so that the
slow-moving cargo planes can deliver their food safely. And of course
such bombing wouldn't make logictical sense if it wasn't done as part of
some larger bombing operation.

Perhaps my 2-part 'Bible-bomb' concept can be extended to other
carrot-and-stick approaches. For example, if you want to destroy some
enemy military command building but mitigate collateral damage to nearby
civilians, a 2-part bomb that releases medical supplies that flutter to
the ground after the warhead hits might be useful. 'Oh shit, that bomb
blew my leg off! But wait, there's crutches!!!' Some of earth's most
oppressed peoples might even come to welcome a B-52 strike.

I dream of the day when the world is at peace enforced by continuously
airborne, solar-powered, self-propelled bombs and missiles containing
specific punishment (explosive warhead) and reward (fluttering relief
supplies) packages that can be applied surgically as needed in any



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