Re: Protecting yourself from terrorism

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 09:32:35 MDT wrote:
> Mike Lorrey writes:
> > One final thing: There is absolutely no point in buying said NBC
> > equipment if it is going to sit at home in a box. I'm sure plenty of
> > list members have read enough SF to understand the first rule of space
> > travel: keep your pressure suit with you at all times, you never know
> > when a blowout will occur. Same rule applies with chemwarfare: carry
> > your gasmask with you in your handbag, backpack, or briefcase at all
> > times: in your car, at work, to the gym.
> When exactly would you put it on? With bio attacks there seems to be
> no hint of exposure until several days later. And with chem attacks,
> most of the agents work by skin contact, so the mask wouldn't help, right?
> So if you do carry a gas mask in your backpack, when do you open it up
> and put the mask on?

Well, if you are really paranoid, do it every time a plane passes over.

Actually, if a crop duster flies overhead spewing out stuff in an area
where there are no crops worth dusting, that is pretty damn good

Also: in my previous post (not the one you replied to), I noted that
there are a number of sensors you can obtain that will alert you to the
presence of such toxins or bioagents.

The primary purpose of a gasmask in the event of bioattack is to allow
you to a) help those visibly exposed without getting infected, and b) if
you are infected, it helps limit your ability to pass on the agent to
others from breathing or expectorating until you can be treated under
isolated conditions.

Now, if carrying one around is not your bag of tea, and you do have
spare cash lying around, you can't go far wrong to have one at home, one
in the car, and one in the office. That way you have pretty good access
to one without having to carry it. I'm sure in many areas you would be
treated as a wierdo or a potential attacker if you walked around with a
gasmask all the time....

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