Re: Chomsky (was: Christopher Hitchens' Column)

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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 05:12:22 MDT

From: "Damien Broderick" <>
> Oddly, that's exactly Chomsky's point. He's noting not just the moral
> deafness of the major media (who effectively ignored the Timor atrocities,
> presumably on the grounds that they were someone else's holocaust), but the
> actual deafness thereby imposed on readers and viewers.

Yeah, well the media had about a million times more sensors and data bases and
information leads in the WTC than they had in Timor. We hear about the deaths
of those who are wired because it's the wiring that lets us hear. So, it's not
for entirely lack of compassion or because of any xenophobic conspiracy that
the media seem to ignore unwired places and peoples. There may be some
selfishness involved, but it's an extropic kind of selfishness.

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