Re: So far so good

From: Miriam English (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 23:07:15 MDT

I certainly hope so.

I am a little worried by something a friend said to me recently that the
Northern Afgani rebels who are being backed by the West are actually worse
than the Taliban, in that they use murder, rape, and pillage in the normal
course of war (the Taliban though wicked, cruel, and murderous had some
restraint at least). I have no idea if what he said is true, but if he is
then hold onto your hats everybody -- here we go again... prepare for worse
killers being equipped by the "goodies" again.

I fervently hope my friend is wrong, and that the powers that be have
learned more than squat from the nasty errors of the past...

         - Miriam

At 09:54 AM 05/10/2001, jeff davis wrote:
>Military Planning Food Drops in Afghanistan
>So far so good. Dare I hope that they'll get it right
>this time? I have this horrible sickness in the pit
>of my stomach that they won't. They never have
>before. (Except for that turkey shoot in Iraq, but
>then, Saddam's still there, and how many innocents
>have suffered in the last ten years because of that?
>Fuck! It's hopeless. Here we go again.) Maybe it's
>statistical. You know, blind luck, random chance.
>They screw up ten thousand times in a row, and then,
>by total accident, they get it right.
>Oh, the utter irrationality of hope in the face of
>desperation. I find myself praying. Praying!!!
>Accidentally. "Oh God, please, let it not be as bad
>as it CAN be! Please let me be wrong--very wrong,
>please!--this time."
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