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>--- Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
>> Considering that Chomsky is one of those types who
>> continues to make excuses for the Khmer Rouge's
>> killing fields (one of Chomsky's cause celebre), he
>> is indeed as John describes.
>And pigs can fly.
>Chomsky has contrasted the high-volume media coverage
>of the Khmer Rouge atrocities with the low-volume
>coverage of the atrocities committed in the same
>period by Indonesia's US-sanctioned invasion of East
>Timor. He has done this to show that the power elites
>who run US foreign policy have no concern for human
>rights (or democracy) and that the corporate-owned
>media's selective coverage of events serves the
>interests of the elite, by on the one hand concealing
>the human-rights abuses of US global power projection,
>while one the other hand promoting the fiction that US
>global influence is all high-minded sweetness and
>light. It's not a truth most Americans can deal with,
>so they defame the messenger.
>The best I can do for Mike is guess that, as it's
>unlikely he has a taste for actually *reading*
>Chomsky, that he is probably just passing on the
>twisted interpretation of someone else's ethical and
>intellectual unregeneracy.
How mwny were killed in East Timor? Thousands; tens of thousands at worst. And how mwny were killed in cambodia, hmmmm? TWO MILLION. Is it possible that this magnitudinous disparity in human carnage was reflected in the disparity of media coverage? Amd why would a purported genius like Noam C. never even consider this?
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