Fw: Major Networks Refuse Front Sight's ARM PILOTS Commercial

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 19:39:53 MDT

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Subject: Major Networks Refuse Front Sight's ARM PILOTS Commercial

> Please forward this e-mail to pilots, airlines,
> congressional reps, and at least 10 other people that fly
> commercial airlines. Spread this rapidly and world wide. We
> can turn the tables on terrorists and take back control of
> the skies!
> October 4, 2001
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza
> 1.800.987.7719
> Fax: 831.684.2137
> e-mail: info@frontsight.com
> http://www.frontsight.com
> Major Networks Refuse Front Sight's ARM PILOTS Commercial
> Las Vegas, Nevada: Major media networks have refused to air
> a 60 second commercial calling for President Bush, the FAA,
> and the airlines to arm commercial pilots. The commercial,
> to run on prime time slots was produced and sponsored by
> Front Sight Founder's Society.
> Front Sight Firearm Training Institute's Founder and
> Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza was surprised that major
> networks refused to air a commercial in which Front Sight
> encourages Americans to contact President Bush, the FAA, and
> the airlines to demand that our commercial pilots be armed.
> In the commercial Front Sight also offers to immediately
> train all commercial pilots and co-pilots FREE OF CHARGE
> that are authorized to carry a gun to defend the cockpit
> against terrorists.
> Piazza states, "It is unfortunate that the major networks
> would not air our 60 second commercials aimed at spreading
> the truth that the only solution to forever preventing
> another World Trade Center attack is to give pilots the
> ability and authority to defend the cockpit with a gun.
> Front Sight's solution is simple, efficient, effective and
> will not cost the taxpayers, air passengers, or airlines a
> dime. Our commercial demonstrated how easy and safe it is to
> stop cold a terrorist attempting to invade the doorway of
> the cockpit or take a hostage. Front Sight has the absolute
> solution. We are willing to provide our gift of up to 150
> million dollars in training free of charge and Front Sight
> Founder's Society is spending hundreds of thousands of
> dollars to spread the truth of our solution."
> To view the commercial that major media networks refused to
> air visit Front Sight's web site at
> http://www.frontsight.com/gun_school_for_pilots_complete.htm
> and support Front Sight's efforts to arm and train our
> commercial pilots by joining Front Sight Founder's Society.
> Front Sight Founder's Society is now producing a new 60
> second commercial to be ready by next week. Says Piazza,
> "The next commercial, unfortunately must be more politically
> correct to get it aired, but will have the same message to
> arm our pilots and take back control of the skies. Watch
> for it and support Front Sight's Founder's Society."
> Contact:
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza
> 1.800.987.7719
> Front Sight
> www.frontsight.com
> Front Sight Founders' Society
> http://www.frontsight.com/founders_society.htm
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